Who we are

We have been providing comprehensive services related to soundfor over 20 years now.

We are acoustic consultants, interior designers and architects, driven and motivated to fight noise pollution.

We are engaged in building and interior acoustics, stage systems and telecom engineering. We design and apply unique technological solutions ideally suited to the nature of the treated place.

Our works can be found in high-end cultural buildings, sports venues, film, television and music industry, public events and many other places that are sometimes difficult to name.

How we do it

Creative ideas, constant striving for an interesting shape and form, overcoming technological barriers- this is how we define the success of projects in which we are involved.

Multidisciplinary teamworking and the support of Architected Sound designers help to solve all design challenges we might come across.

Each stage of the work undergoes a thorough analysis process aimed at eliminating any errors. We often create our own technology, bearing in mind the requirements of consumers.

First of all, we want to listen and we are not afraid of challenges. Our goal is to combine creativity and technology into one.